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Home Deli Slicers

Home deli slicers are small versions of the professional electric slicers that are used by grocery stores and delis to produce thin slices of meat and cheese for sandwiches. They operate with a carriage that guides the meat or cheese toward a rotating seven inch blade. The sliced meat or cheese then falls into a tray which is usually part of the slicing unit.

If you are thinking of buying a home deli slicer, consider the following:

  • Look for models that can produce paper thin slices, even when cutting through sticky cheeses or tough pieces of cooked meat. Most units have control knobs that allow you to set the thickness of the slices. Sturdy, sharp blades and smooth gliding mechanisms are essential.
  • Safety features are important when purchasing these deli slicers. You want to keep your fingers away from the spinning blade. Models with suction cups to hold the slicer firmly on the counter are desirable, as are safety switches that stop the blade from spinning.

The ease with which a kitchen appliance can be cleaned often determines how often it is used. To get the most from your slicer, look for models with detachable parts that can be cleaned easily.

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