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When you have a lot of digital pictures you want to display or share with others but don't have a convenient way to do so, digital picture frames can be the perfect solution. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, digital picture frames display your pictures in a framed LCD screen using a slide show format -- all without the need to have a computer attached.

When choosing a digital picture frame, here are some features to consider:
  • Large screen size and resolution. The larger both are, the better, but also the higher the cost. Some models trade off resolution to get a larger picture without increase memory costs while others provide higher resolution with a smaller picture to hold down the display costs. Consider how the unit will be used (for example, on a desktop where it will be examined up close or a mantle where it will be seen from afar) to determine the appropriate sized screen.
  • An adequate amount of picture storage so you don't have to continually replace the photos in order to show all your pictures. The amount of storage required depends on the resolution of the display. Also, some units use memory sticks or other removable memory so that you can simply plug new photos into the unit; others have built in memory (thereby saving you the cost of buying it) and use a PC connection to upload new pictures.
  • An on/off option and motion sensor so that your frame does not have to operate when no one is around to see it.
  • The ability to add audio, music, and transitions options to create more interesting slide shows.
  • Adjustable background color for a nicer presentation of your pictures.
  • The ability to show pictures in portrait or landscape mode so that pictures are always shown in the correct orientation.
  • If the frame is meant to facilitate sharing pictures, consider a frame that has direct Internet connectivity. This allows you or anyone with your permission to update remotely

    the pictures that will be viewed on the frame. Although this service does have a nominal monthly fee, it may also come with other services such as displaying time, weather, news, sports and other specialty information in addition to the photos.

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