AEEM Guide Buying an Entertainment Personal Computer
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The convergence of entertainment and computing has lead to a new class of personal computers that are designed to be the centerpiece for new entertainment centers. Called "entertainment PC's" by their manufacturers and the press, this new breed merges the digitalized audio and video of entertainment with the high performance power and convenience of personal computing. In short, they are the new brains and repository for your digital world.

When shopping for your entertainment PC, here are some considerations:
  • storage capability - look for large and expandable online capacity storage of audio and video. One of the driving forces behind entertainment PC's is the need to centralize information. You should be able to load your music and video collection as well as add new works without having to go to off line storage
  • connectivity - look for systems that interface to the internet, cable-TV, home theater systems, speakers, projectors, TV's, and portable audio and video devices
  • communications - look for systems that provide fast wireless connectivity for quick and easy transfer to portable devices. They should have a range that will allow you to run a wireless device from anywhere in your home. If you live in an apartment, inquire about protection from interference from you neighbors' systems
  • user interface - look for easy controls for everything from data transfer to setting up video recording
Finally, don't overlook backward compatibility. While most entertainment today is available in a digital format, a lot of treasured collections still exist as analog recordings. Make sure your new entertainment PC has the ability to interface to them as well.

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