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If you are impatient with the time it takes to rake all the leaves in your yard every autumn, consider purchasing a leaf vacuum that will quickly and easily remove the leaves from even large properties.

Hand held leaf vacuums are rarely powerful enough to handle more than a small amount of leaves, and they need to be emptied so often that they quickly become inconvenient. Instead look at the newer heavy duty vacuums. Some models can gather up to 3000 pounds or more of leaves before they need to be emptied, and they reduce the volume of the leaves to a tenth of their original size (which can, make it easier and cheaper to dispose of them). The vacuum units are hooked up to and pulled by a riding mower.

If you are thinking of buying a leave vacuum, consider the following:
  • Look for units that are powerful enough to pick up heavy objects since wet piles of leaves can be very heavy. Branches and other yard debris should be crushed by a whirling rotor with up to five rows of blades. Strong steel interior components should handle the impact of stones and pebbles.
  • Vacuuming leaves can produce uncomfortable amount of dust. Better vacuums have a filterless, spinning unit that prevents dust from gushing into the air.
  • Check the noise levels produced by the vacuum. Prolonged use of noisy models can damaged your hearing and be a nuisance to your neighbors. Ear protectors can help, but it is not always desirable to use them.
Vacuums that are powerful enough to handle large volumes of leaves are big. Make sure you have the room in your garage or storage shed to keep them out of the weather.

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