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Night lights are small lights that plug into ordinary electrical outlets and give off low levels of light in dark rooms. They provide safety and convenience and are especially comforting to small children who can be afraid to sleep in total darkness. The simplest and least expensive models have an on and off switch and a 4 watt bulb that will need to be periodically replaced. A few dollars more will purchase a model with convenient features, including automatically coming on at dusk and going off at dawn. All night lights are very energy efficient. The following should be considered when buying night lights:
  • Directional models allow you to rotate the light 360 degrees, so that you can point the light exactly where you want it. These have no flicker technology and no bulbs to replace.
  • Motion activated night lights have an infra-red sensor that detects motion and immediately turns on the light. It shuts off 90 seconds after the motion stops to save energy. A light sensor prevents activation during daylight hours. These lights can be triggered from up to 20 feet away and have a detection zone of up to 120 degrees horizontally.
  • LED night lights use extremely energy efficient light emitting diodes in place of conventional bulbs. Because they stay cool to the touch, they are a good choice for children's rooms. These night lights have no bulbs to replace and cost only pennies a year to operate. They can last up to 25 years.
  • Dimmable night lights have up to 10 brightness settings that allow you to adjust the light level to what is needed without being a distraction..
  • Neon models provide a soft continuous glow of light.
  • For brighter light, consider a mini fluorescent night light, which can provide 20 watts of light.

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