AEEM Guide Sump Pumps - Pedestal vs. Submersible (2 of 4)
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Simply described, a sump pump consists of a centrifugal pump driven by an electric drive motor. Since the pump portion has to be submerged in the water at the bottom of the sump pit, the two major types of sump pumps differ primarily in where they position the motor. Submersible models integrate the motor with the pump, sealed inside a watertight compartment with waterproof electrical cords that run out of the water to hook up to a nearby power outlet. Pedestal models mount the motor (and all other electrical components) on a pedestal, high and dry above the sump pit, and use a vertical drive shaft to link to the pump that is built into the base of the pedestal. The pedestal style is more traditional, predating the advances in design and material that now allow electrical appliances to be placed safely underwater. They are typically less expensive (since no waterproof housing is needed), but the exposed motor means that the unit is a bit noisier—and the unsightly motor is certainly a negative when trying to dress up the appearance of a sump pit in a nicely finished basement.

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