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Temperature Forks

Temperature forks (or probes) allow the cook to test for doneness by measuring the internal temperature of cooking food. The prongs of the fork are inserted into the food and a built in thermometer displays how well it is done. They can be used either indoors or outside on the grill. They come in a range of prices depending on the variety of features offered. The following should be considered when buying a temperature testing fork or probe:

  • Check the material the fork or probe is made from. Better types have heat resistant stainless steel prongs that can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Is the temperature gauge easy to read? Better models have digital displays.
  • How is the fork or probe programmed? Do you need to know the temperature of the cooked food or can you simply choose the food and how well you want it done? How many levels of doneness are there?

Remember to check to see if batteries are included.

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