AEEM Guide Under Counter Refrigerators
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A popular appliance seen in today’s home building and remodeling is the under-the-counter refrigerator. A smaller version of the standard kitchen refrigerator, these units are ideal for those times and places where a regular sized refrigerator wouldn’t work because it is too large for the area, or the contemporary design of the kitchen does not need one. They are also great for those kitchens where more refrigerated space is needed but a second regular refrigerator would be too much.

Available as a freestanding unit or fitting into cabinets, under counter refrigerators can give the kitchen or food island additional refrigerated space and provide refrigerated storage to a wet bar, TV room, barbeque center, or efficiency kitchen. Some people like installing them in kitchens and other rooms for keeping drinks and snacks in so they aren’t constantly opening the larger refrigerator and losing cold air. Models with custom panel doors matching the cabinets give a sleek and seamless look to the room, which is especially nice in areas outside of the kitchen.

Just like a regular refrigerator, under-the-counter refrigerators have the popular features of adjustable shelves and dividers for efficient storage, lighted interiors for locating items easily, and temperature controls. If freezer space is needed, consider a model with a

freezer compartment or install a freezer drawer next to the refrigerator. Other useful features are an alarm signal that sounds when the door is not closed tightly, an icemaker for a ready supply of ice cubes, and a lock for keeping pets and small children from opening the door.

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