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Vacuum Food Sealers

A vacuum food sealer is a great way to preserve food, especially if you buy in bulk or store harvest from a garden. These units remove the air from a storage container and seal it so that food doesnít spoil as quickly or develop freezer burn (as can happen with conventional storage methods that allow exposure to trapped air). Vacuum sealers are available as small, inexpensive portable units that can be used on camping and vacation trips, but they are more commonly found as larger, more expensive kitchen units with multiple features.

Which vacuum food sealer is right for you will depend on your budget, amount of usage, and preferences, but here are some features you may want on your sealer:

  • A built-in bag roller and cutter to make custom sized bags so you donít have to use an oversized pre-cut bag
  • Variable sealing time and vacuum controls, which helpw when sealing bags containing foods like chips or bakery goods that might get crushed in a high vacuum
  • Ability to seal other than just bags so that you can use jars and other containers
  • A single button for vacuum and sealing operations for easier use
  • Video instructions and tips on operating your sealer since visual instructions and demonstrations can be more helpful
  • Removable, dishwasher safe drip pans for easier cleaning up of any spills
  • Bag and hose storage compartments to keep supplies handy
  • A wall mount so that you do not tie up limited counter space and for easier sealing of liquids

Although sealers are usually thought of being used just for food, some sealers can be used to preserve paper documents and other objects of value, an option that may prove useful for you.

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