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If you are one of those families where schedules force everyone to eat at a different time or you do a lot of entertaining, you know how difficult it is to keep food warm but not dried out. The solution is an increasingly popular appliance called a "warming drawer," which keeps cooked food warm, tasteful, and appetizing for up to four hours.

When considering a warming drawer, here are some options to keep in mind:
  • Although commonly installed beneath a kitchen wall oven, warming drawers can be installed in a pantry, dining room, or anywhere else it is convenient for serving the food. Some models can even be installed by an outside cooking area if you do a lot of outdoor entertaining.
  • Warming drawers come in a variety of sizes. Select one that will fit into the area you want and has a large enough capacity to handle the needs of your family and for entertaining.
  • Models with variable temperature and humidity settings allow you to precisely set the best temperature and moisture levels for your food.
  • Indicator lights let you know when the warming drawer is on.
  • An automatic shut off feature prevents accidentally leaving the warming drawer on after using it.
  • Multiple racks that adjust and/or are removable give you greater flexibility in arranging your foods in the drawer for maximum space efficiency.
  • Bread proofing (rising) and plate warming settings are available on some models.
  • Models with towel racks let you keep oven mitts and towels handy.

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