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Drain Strainers

Clogs caused by medium to long hair are the leading cause of drain problems in showers and bathtubs. While short hair passes through the drain unimpeded, longer hair tends to tangle around the stopper mechanism or to get lodged in the pipe. Each strand tends to attract more hair and debris, and before you know it, the water flow down the drain is severely restricted.

A simple preventive step is to use a drain strainer, a wire or plastic mesh device that snags any hair or debris but allows the water to flow through. Drain strainers don't eliminate the cause of the problem, but they do make it far simpler to remove the offending hair and debris. Better strainers either attach to the surface around the drain using suction cups or they fit snugly over the drain stopper or in the drain opening (if the stopper is removed).

Bathroom/Kitchen Mesh Drain Strainer

Bathroom/Kitchen Mesh Drain Strainer

Now, nothing passes through kitchen or bathroom sink without you knowing it. Stainless steel mesh sentry is on guard when sink is full for washing or empty. Measures 3 1/4" diameter.

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