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Shower Curtains

A shower curtain keeps the water for splashing outside the shower basin or the bathtub when you take a shower. Because of their size and prominent location, they are also a main component in your bathroom decor.

Shower curtains can be as simply as a single plastic or vinyl sheet or can can consist of a plastic disposable liner curtain and a fabric outer curtain. Their patterns and colors are nearly unlimited, ranging from transparent to plain colors to designs.

Single curtains and liners often have magnets at the bottom to weigh them down and to attach to the side of the bathtub to keep them from blowing around in the air currents formed by the shower. Some are treated with anti-microbials to fight the growth of mold and mildow and thus lengthen their life.

Springs Dale Jarrett Shower Curtain

Springs Dale Jarrett Shower Curtain

Add team pride to your bathroom by hanging up this Dale Jarrett shower curtain from Springs Industries. This 88-inch x 68-inch shower curtain is made with a soft, yet durable blend cotton and polyester. The officially licensed shower curtain is decorated in the team colors and proudly displays printed images of the driver's replica signature, car number and primary sponsor logo. Please note that the hanging rings and lining are not included.

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