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Vehicle Alarms

Vehicle theft -- both the stealing of items from within the vehicle and the stealing of the entire vehicle -- is a major concern for owners. With over a million vehicles stolen each year, a vehicle alarm or other theft prevention device is a good investment that may also qualify you for a reduction in your automobile insurance.

Passive Anti-Theft Devices

Passive anti-theft devices can be inexpensive and effective. Beyond those offered as standard equipment by dealers, devices such as a wheel club can provide a great deterrence. Wheel locks are a good way to protect hub caps. Window etching systems, while more expensive, can be a good deterrent against professional thieves.

Alarms and Shut-Offs

Alarms (flashing lights, horns, sirens, and verbal warnings) that sound when a theft is detected are quite common. These systems can be designed to trigger when your vehicle is bumped, moved, a door is opened, glass is broken, or motion is detected. The downside is that once triggered, the alarm is so annoying and so subject to false alarms that it frequently does not get attention by others. Less aggressive systems quietly shut off fuel flow or disable the engine in other ways to prevent the vehicle from being driven very far.

Tracking Systems

Heavily marketed and highly successful, tracking systems enable the police to pinpoint the location of your vehicle once the tracking system is activated. Studies have shown that such systems not only dramatically improve recovery rate but also decrease overall vehicle theft rates in the area.

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