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Touch Up Paint

Touch up paint can hide small nicks and scratches that can detract from the otherwise excellent finish of your car. Even more important, sealing the surface with touch up paint can prevent further damage from rust and paint peeling.

Touch up paint is available from dealers, auto supply stores, and on line. Since shades of color vary between manufacturers, models, and years, pick the color for your car's make, model, and year. In addition to paint, you'll need primer and clearcoat..

Be sure to sand the area first to remove any roughness or rust and then clean of all dirt and dust. Secondly, apply a primer to allow good adhesion and color match (see product instructions for the recommended number of coats). Paint (or spray on) the touch-up paint in thin coats; be careful not to apply too much paint in a single coat or else it will run or droop. Finish off with a clearcoat.

Follow all product directions, including doing work out of direct sunlight and not waxing for a month or more to allow time for the paint to fully dry.

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