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Wax for Your Car or Truck

Sun, soap, salt, acid rain, sap, birds, and bugs can be pretty hard on your vehicle's finish. To protect it, most car makers apply a very durable coating, but this wears with time and needs to be replaced before the elements begin eating away at the paint.

Polishes vs Waxes

In the true sense of the words, polishes and waxes are different, but you may have to look closely at the labels to make sure that a polish you buy isn't a wax and vice-versa. Polishes are designed to scrub the surface and restore the oils in the paint; the result should be a wet like, showroom shine. Waxes, on the other hand, are a protective layer that insulates the paint from the environment. If your car is still dull looking after it's washed, you need to polish it. If not, you still need to periodically wax it to protect it.

Choice of Waxes

Car waxes are typically made from carnauba wax, which comes from the surface coating of palm leaves. Many also contain a UV protectant,

which reduces paint fading if your car sits in the sun a lot.

Silicone is a common additive to make spreading of the wax easier and to extend the life of the wax. However, if you ever need to repaint, the silicone will have to be stripped from the surface in order to get a quality paint job.

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