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Cargo Liners

Also referred to as a truck bedliner, a cargo liner offers heavy duty protection for your pickup truck. Unprotected, the cargo area of a truck used for hauling will eventually succumb to scratches, dents, and abrasions. A liner will protect the cargo area and can keep your truck looking good for years.

There are two major categories of cargo liners:

  • Drop in: Made from a tough durable plastic, these rigid liners are essentially one piece and are designed to protect the entire cargo area, bottom and sides. A separate piece is fitted to protect the tailgate. They are easy to install and remove. In most cases the dealer where you buy your truck will be glad to provide this as an option. Note that over time (usually years), sand and grit can get between the liner and your truck bed so itís often the case that when the liner is removed the paint under the bed may be scuffed.
  • Spray on: This bedlining option can be sprayed (or rolled) on in similar fashion as you would apply paint. Normally available in kit form, it requires cleaning and sanding preparation of your truck cargo area. This tough, durable lining can be applied to both the bed and sides of your truck. Since it is applied directly to the bed surface, your truck bed does not suffer from the scuffing possible from the drop in method. However, a spray on liner is not as thick and normally does not provide as much protection. This method can have a pleasing appearance, and it can also be used to hide a badly scarred truck bed.

Most of the drop in cargo liners are made for a specific make, model and year of truck. If you are reasonably handy, the hardware that comes with the liner will enable you to install it yourself.

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