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Locking Gas Caps

With the price of fuel climbing higher and fuel thefts increasing, investing in a locking gas cap can pay for itself, especially if you drive an SUV or other vehicle with a large gas tank.

When buying a locking gas cap, here are some of the features to look for:

  • From a functional standpoint, you want a cap that is easy to lock and unlock, but also one that seals well (to prevent emission compromises and "check engine" light errors.) While one-size-fits-all caps are lower priced, they may not seal as well as those branded for or made by the auto manufacturer.
  • A cap which retains your gas key in the lock while you pump gas may seem like an inconvenience, but it reminds you to put the cap back on before driving off. Caps with a tether or other retainer keep the caps from getting lost--and your keys with it.
  • Get a cap that comes with two keys so your

    have a spare in case you lose it or have it available to give to the attendant without having to hand him your whole wad of keys. The cap lock should have a key code number so you can get another made if you lose both keys.

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