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Cargo / Luggage Carriers

If you are looking for a convenient way to carry your luggage and other items without making your vehicle too crowded, cargo carriers (also called "luggage carriers") can give you the space you need. Mounted either on top or in the back of your vehicle, they come in a variety of sizes, construction, and costs. The size of the items carried and the vehicle used will determine how large a capacity carrier you should get. If you often carry various sizes of load, consider getting 2 small carriers, using one with a small load and both with larger loads.

Carriers are constructed as a basket, soft bag, or hard shell. Baskets are wire framed, topless boxes great for carrying items like camping gear, construction materials, and items that weather wonít affect. Straps are needed to secure the items being carried so they donít fall off. Bags are made from lightweight fabric, provide protection from the weather, and fold up for easy storage. If not completely filled, you might encounter some flapping noises. Shells are rigid box carriers that are heavier but often are aerodynamically designed to reduce fuel consumption. Because of their rigid shape, they do not have to be completely filled.

Features to look for:

  • Weatherproof is not the same as waterproof. If the carrier is not waterproof, get a waterproof liner so you donít run the risk of having wet luggage if it rains.
  • Dual openings so you can get to items easily from any side of the vehicle
  • UV and rust resistant materials to keep the carrier looking nice longer.
  • Wheels and handles (like those on suitcases), either built-in or attachable, makes moving the carrier easier when off the vehicle
  • Secure locking systems both to hold the carrier to the vehicle and to prevent theft of items in the carrier.
  • Optional attachments to carry fishing poles, skis, and other sports gear or consider purchasing specifically designed racks for these items. Bikes generally require specially designed bike racks instead of a cargo carrier to prevent damage to them while traveling.

Two accessories that you might find helpful are

protection pads that go between your vehicle and the carrier to prevent scratching and a tire step that can be put on your tire when needed to give you a lift up for easier access to the carrier.

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