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Mobile Video

Whether it is to let your kids watch movies on long trips or just impress people with the latest gadgets, mobile video players are becoming a hot item for automobiles.

These units typically feature a small but sufficient 7" LCD monitor wired to a DVD player. The screen may be hung over the back of a seat (to benefit the kids in the back) or flip down from the overhead compartment. Note: In most states it is illegal for the screen to be viewable by the driver.

Better units allow inputs for gaming stations and send their audio through the carís stereo, either directly or via an FM modulator. Some units have their own amplifier. They may be XM satellite ready and have an MP3 and CD player capability.

Headphone jacks allow the backseat passengers to watch a movie without disturbing the driver.

Some units can receive standard TV broadcasts with the addition of an external rabbit-ear

antenna, although clear TV reception from a moving vehicle is chancy at best. Plan to use your mobile video system for DVD playback most of the time.

Mobile video units are by design 12VDC powered, so no inverter is required.

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