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Motorcycle Tires

Replacing motorcycle tires should be done with great care, because unlike automobile tires, motorcycle tires play a large role in the stability of the motorcycle. When changing tires, first and foremost, consult the manufacturer's user and maintenance guide for the specific requirements and characteristics required for safe operation.

Switching between radial and biased ply tires on a motorcycle is just one example of a way that you can introduce a problem if you are not careful. Because the two types of tires have different deflection, cornering, and damping characteristics, most motorcycles are engineered for a specific type of tire. Do not change between or intermix radial and bias ply tires unless specifically permited by the motorcycle manufacturer.

Finally, when installing new tires or reinstalling old ones, make sure that you have the directional arrow on the tire pointed in the proper direction. Some tires have a direction-specific tread pattern that is ineffective in reverse. Nor should motorcycle tires be reversed once they start to wear or else they may cause an uneven ride.

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