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Oil Filters

The motor oil that lubricates your car's engine get dirty over time from dirt and debris it collects while circulating through your engine. To extend the life of the oil, an oil filter is used to filter out particles in the 10-20 micron range that if left in the oil would damage your engine.

There are basically three types of oil filters:

  • standard oil filters are designed to filter out about 95% of the potentially damaging particles.
  • heavy duty filters are designed to provide extra filtration and features to accommodate a lot of stop and go driving, dirty/dusty roads, and temperature extremes in which the oil characteristics change.
  • extended life filters that have extra filtering capacity to keep them from getting clogged as quickly.

Since eventually all filters clog up from the debris they collect, they must be changed in order for them to provide the filtering and oil flow necessary for your car.

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