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Performance Parts

You donít have to plan on racing at Indy to get the desire to upgrade the performance of your automobile. The addition of a few aftermarket performance auto parts can make a significant improvement in gas mileage, power and acceleration, ride, looks and resale value.

Performance products are generally categorized by the aspects of the car you want to improve:

  • Air filter intakes and performance exhaust mufflers
  • Springs, shocks and suspension, tires, wheels
  • Electronics and gauges
  • Clutch/brake upgrades
  • Cams and gears
  • Engine electrical (spark plugs and wires)
  • Body (exterior, interior, lights)

By upgrading a few parts of your street car, you can transform it into a street racer that turns heads when you drive down the street.

Performance upgrade strategies

You might try one of these strategies for your car:

  • replace factory parts with performance parts when the originals break or fail.
  • focus on upgrading a system at a time. For example, if you want to tweak the engine performance, try installing new spark wiring and plugs, complete with analog or digital meters to monitor performance
  • focus on a single result. For example, if you are trying to improve gas mileage and increase horsepower, something as simple as a performance air intake system can give you the performance you want.
  • a strategy used by auto enthusiasts is to find a solid body used car and give it a complete makeover, perhaps for fun or show. Starting with the basic car and exchanging factory components for performance equivalents can give new life to a popular car that was on the way out.

Keep in mind that not all performance parts are "street legal" in all 50 states. Check with the DMV and the seller before committing to a major change to your auto.

Where to Shop (click to visit)
PartsAmerica- The on-line presence for two of the largest auto part retailers in America: CSK Auto (Checker, Schucks and Kragen) and Advance Auto Parts. PartsAmerica provides quick and easy access to nearly $1.5B in inventory and 3,000 locations in all 50 states. Search their real-time inventory, purchase items on-line, pick up and return at a local store, or have products delivered to their home or business.

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