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Pet Barriers

Pet barriers allow you to section off a part of your truck, SUV/station wagon, or car for use by your pet. By putting your pet in this special area, you can reduce driver distraction and increase pet safety.

Pet barriers differ by type of vehicle. Here are some tips to help:

  • Pickup truck - this restraint keeps your pet from jumping out of the bed of your pickup. It is the simplest and generally the least expensive. The restraint utilizes the existing eyebolts or tie-down rings on the sides of the truck bed. The restraint is normally composed of 3 adjustable straps joined by an "O" ring. Two straps attach to the sides of the truck bed, the third strap is attached to a harness worn by the dog. Each of the straps can be adjusted for length to accommodate various size pickups and (more importantly) various size dogs. Its recommended your pet wear a harness and not a collar that might cause injury in a sudden stop.
  • SUV or station wagon - pet barriers for these types of vehicles can be comprised of either metal tubes or mesh straps. This restraint keeps your dog penned between the rear seat and the rear door. They are sized to fit the dimensions of your vehicle without impeding visibility. They keep your pet from roaming about your vehicle and safely away from the driver and passenger space. These should be adjustable and padded to fit without damaging your vehicle.
  • Passenger car- safety harnesses for cars are designed to actually act as a restraint. Most attach directly to installed seat belts, and provide cushions for comfort as well as safety. Usually this type restraint is designed for pets up to 30 pounds. You'll

    even find some are designed to allow for the pet to look out the window while traveling. Ideally, they should be easy to install like a childs car seat and fold for storage.

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