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Portable Garages

If your garage is full or you don't have one, you can put your auto, truck, boat, or trailer in a portable garage. There are two main types of portable garages to choose from: one that is open-sided, usually tent-like in design, or one that is rounded, which is usually stronger, more wind resistance, and provides coverage top to bottom.

A gravel or stone pad is a good base for underneath the vehicle since grass will die quickly out of sunlight. If you want to keep the grass, consider a portable that is more translucent.

If you are considering buying a portable garage, here are a few things you should consider:

  • Better portable garages use a galvanized steel skeleton or frame that can resist corrosion and rust. Frames that are simply powder coated won't last as long, but they may be okay if you only use your portable garage seasonally.
  • The cover should be tear resistant, not made out of cheap plastic or vinyl. It should be fire retardant, especially if you keep your vehicle near the house. Cover fabric is rated by weight in ounces per foot, with 7.5 ounce fabric being popular. Heavier 10 oz. fabric is required for large garages such as those covering an RV or horse trailer.
  • If you are only looking to keep sun off your car (such as in the dry climates of the south and southwest) then you don't really need a portable with sides. But sides, and a zippered door, are a must to keep out sandstorms, wind-driven debris, and rain and snow.

If you keep a large vehicle such as an RV in a portable garage over the winter, don't forget to use wheel covers as well. Tires can be damaged over a single storage season when subjected to ultraviolet (UV) rays.

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