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Side and Towing Mirrors

Aftermarket side view mirrors make sense when you are replacing a mirror broken off, or when you need additional visibility because you are towing a trailer.

Replacement Mirrors

Perfect fit replacement mirrors are available from auto dealerships' parts departments but may be rather expensive. If you have need for a specialty mirror, such as one that has heated glass or see-through for a turn indicator, you may need to get one from the dealer or internet retailer specializing in these.

If only the glass is broken, you may find replacement reflector glass from an aftermarket house that is an exact fit. Avoid "cut your own" cardboard and foil-type mirrors. The low price is attractive but their image is blurry and practically useless for driving.

The used market has mirrors from wrecked vehicles for much less. You might find just what you need, but you may have to look around quite a bit to find one in your color.

If just the glass is cracked, you might consider sticking a round convex mirror on top. These widen your view, and may be a lower-cost alternative to replacing the glass.

Towing Mirrors

If you are augmenting stock mirrors with towing mirrors for occasional use, look for ones that clamp or attach to the cab or door gutters for a secure mount.

For more permanent installations (when you will be towing frequently), look for side mirrors that can be installed in place of your existing ones. These extend out another 3 inches or so, but that is sufficient. Telescoping mirrors are a benefit as are those with power remote adjustments especially if two or more

people will be driving. To minimize damage when not towing, get mirrors that fold back in.

Mirrors which include small convex mirror improve visibility.

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