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Tonneaus and Cargo Caps

Truck bed cargo covers, which allow you to seal in the contents of your truck bed and improve your truck's appearance and aerodynamics (to improve your mileage), fall into two categories: tonneaus and caps.

  • Tonneaus fit directly over the bed of the truck and are either soft (vinyl) or hard (fiberglass). Most tonneau covers are designed to be opened only from the rear, although some models can be opened from the front or rear. Depending on how you plan on using the cover, this feature, along with overall ease of complete removal, should be considered.
  • Truck caps also fit over the truck bed but extend upward to approximately the height of the cab. This should be considered if you need to haul and enclose larger items. Caps are made from fiberglass or aluminum, with fiberglass prices start at about twice the starting price of aluminum. Fiberglass has a more finished appearance, contours exactly with your truck body, and if you provide the paint color code of your truck to the supplier, it should match the color as well. Most aluminum caps are designed to fit a number of truck bodies, so you should be able to find one that will match the exact year, make, and model of your truck. While you color choices are limited, there are enough choices you should be able to find one that compliments your truck.

    When shopping for a cap consider these features:
    • Ease of installation and removal and space for storing it while it is off the truck. It normally takes at least two people for hard covers and caps.
    • Waterproof exterior and tight fit so that there are no leaks into the cargo bed of your truck..
    • Dome light for easier seeing inside.
    • Fixed front window versus a slider window. A great feature if you have a dog that will be riding in the back.
    • Security features such as tinted glass and a secure lock.

While most truck owners start out thinking of a cargo cover as an option, quickly most realize it is a necessity. Cargo space that is protected from the weather, secure from theft, and looks good adds to the value of your truck.

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