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Windshield Repair

Automobile windshields are made primarily of glass, and though strengthened by an interior layer, they can suffer in a high speed collision with small particles of stone or debris. If the windshield cracks, it loses all integrity, and there are no options other than replacing it. But, if the damage is just a pit or star burst with only small radiating arms, you may be able to repair rather than replace it.

What should you consider when going about repairing it?

  • Determine if the windshield can be repaired or if it has to be replaced. A small pit or chip is easy to fix, and you may choose to do it yourself. A star burst up to the size of a quarter or so is manageable, but probably would benefit from professional repair. Anything larger than that or a crack running a couple of inches may present a real challenge. Outright holes, a long crack, or a split that reaches one of the edges of the windshield requires full replacement.
  • Act quickly. Dust, dirt, and water attack a crack, and after a while, they will prevent a quality repair because they pollute the repair solution.
  • Choose whether to do it yourself or have it done professionally:
    • Home repair kits are simple to use, only take a few minutes, and produce satisfactory results on small problems.
    • Professional repairers have the benefit of the experience of making hundreds of repairs. Compared to the cost of a windshield replacement,

      even a professional repair looks very cheap. In addition, many repair teams will come to you. The repairs can be done while the car sits parked at work, and you will save the time it would have taken to make the repair somewhere else.

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