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Learning Bird Songs and Calls

Learning to identify birds by their songs is an important and enjoyable aspect of birding. You can learn the different songs of birds by getting a CD or cassette study course.

We highly recommend Richard Walton's extraordinary Birding by Ear series. Walton's spoken commentary is lively and witty, making this course as fun as it is educational. He offers memory aids that really work. The Birding by Ear and More Birding by Ear courses cover 86 and 97 species, respectively, that appear east of the Mississippi.

A third volume in the series covers 91 western species (some of these also appear in the prior two volumes). Each course comes with a booklet that is a valuable reference tool. If you hear a bird and can recall Walton's rendering of the song into a catchy phrase, but you cannot remember the species, this booklet will help you make the identification.

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