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Birding (Bird Watching)

Birding (formerly called bird watching) is a wonderful activity for the entire family. "Birding" is preferred to "bird watching" because learning bird song is much of the activity with good birders identifying many species by sound alone.

Here are some ideas about getting started:

  • Birding is best learned and enjoyed with others. Get to know the people in the local birding clubs, and go on field trips with them to learn the basics. You'll find that they are eager to teach interested beginners.
  • Equip yourself:
    • buy a field guide to birds to help you with identification
    • use a good pair of binoculars to help identify birds and to appreciate their unique appearances
  • Learn to identify birds by their songs by getting a CD or cassette study course on bird song
  • Dress appropriately on field trips by wearing a cap with a bill to keep the sun out of your eyes and carrying sunscreen and insect repellent, as necessary.
  • Look for "Rare Bird Alerts" on the web, many of which are transcriptions of telephone birding hotlines. Compiled by state or province, these are weekly digests of noteworthy sightings.

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