Where to Buy the Automatic Eyeglass Cleaner

Today's eyeglasses feature high-tech, lightweight coated lenses that are expensive and worth protecting. Casual or improper cleaning can damage those coatings, creating tiny scratches that slowly but perceptibly ruin their clarity. Now you can properly care for your glasses with the new Automatic Eyeglass Cleaner it's the best and easiest way to keep your lenses sparkling clear and your frames looking as good as new!

Operation is simple and easy: Just pour two capfuls of our Cleaning & Conditioning Concentrate into the tank and add water to the fill line; fold your eyeglasses and clip them to the bottom of the open lid, then close it. The 40-second cleaning cycle starts with the push of a button and stops automatically; the lid pops up and shakes off any excess solution for 10 seconds leaving a thin film on the lenses. Use the included microfiber cloth to polish the lenses a quick final touch-up that helps to fill in those microscopic scratches so you'll thrill to lenses that are brilliantly clear! You'll also enjoy wearing flattering frames that stay as mint-perfect as the day you bought them with rims, nose rests, hinges and ear pieces free of grease and grime. It's never been easier to keep eyeglasses and sunglasses, too clean of smudges, dirt, dust and the static that attracts it.

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