DSL Service: No Winner Selected
Please note: the 2003 river2u "1st in Class" award winner for DSL Service has not yet been awarded. Below is our review of our favorite companies in this category.

We can remember the days when dial-up connections at 2.4 Kbps were the norm and 9.6 Kbps were fast. Today, most people still using a dial-up connection (meaning you have to "dial up" over a telepone line everytime you want to connect) to access the Internet are connecting in the range of 28.8 to 56 Kbps... lightning fast by comparison with days of old.

But the days aren't old. Today, Internet traffic is stuffed with multimedia (movies, voice chat, video clips, high resolution pictures), huge data files, and software patch downloads that require the electronic equivalent of a firehose to get the information downloaded before tomorrow morning.

Hence, if you don't have high-speed access, you're surfing on a box rather than a surfboard. High speed access -- DSL or cable -- can be a bit expensive, but no more so than cable TV, and it brings you more capability to learn, discover, and entertain than your TV ever offered. Once you start connecting at truly high speed, you'll find the Internet more useful ... and you'll wonder about how you ever lived without it.

One final thought: should you get cable or DSL? There are benefits to both...DSL can use your existing telephone line and doesn't require you to get cable, and DSL never slows down. Cable, on the other hand, is technically faster except when everyone else in your neighborhood decides to use it, too... that's because with cable, you share the pipeline, so, just like rush hour, the information superhighway via cable can slow down.

Below are some of favorites. As with everything else on the Internet, things change rapidly, so verify any special offers before making any commitments to buy.

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Earthlink Earthlink, a known internet service provider, Cable and DSL starting at $21.95 per month for 3 months.

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