Fetal Doppler Baby Monitor
Fetal Doppler Baby Monitors
Doctors use a fetal doppler to check an unborn baby's heart beat. But new, physician-quality fetal dopplers run $600 and up, making them too expensive for most mothers who just want the assurance of hearing the beating heart of their baby.

To fill the need of expecting mothers who wish to listen in the privacy of their home, some companies rent fetal doppler baby monitors. These units are available for around $25 a month.

When shopping for a fetal doppler, keeping these points in mind:
  • models are designed either to detect a heartbeat at under 8-10 weeks or over 8-10 weeks
  • some are designed so that the probe is immersible in water (for in water deliveries)
  • the more expensive models have the intelligence to calculate the unborn baby's heart rate and display it on a screen, replaceable probes, and connections to printers -- all features not normally required by the inquisitive mom-to-be.

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