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Furniture Polish

Furniture polishes, different from furniture wax, can clean the surface of wooden furniture and give it an attractive looking shine. Furniture that has a dull, dried out appearance can regain its luster. Polishes that are sold as aerosol sprays and liquids are easy to apply, so they tend to be the most available.

There are three main types of polishes, and each performs differently, so if you are thinking of buying a furniture polish, consider the following:

  • Furniture oils are one type of polish, and there are many different brands. Most are made from petroleum based mineral oil combined with mineral spirits or solvents made from citrus products, such as lemon or orange, that result in a more pleasant smell. Colored oils will help hide scratches. Oils leave an attractive looking slick, shiny surface when they are applied. Until the oil has thoroughly dried, however, it will attract dirt and dust and can stain anything placed on the furniture’s surface.
  • Emulsion polishes are blends of water and oil that contain petroleum distillates. They have a milky appearance when first applied. They are good for removing grease and dirt and will remove dust without leaving an oily finish. Emulsion polishes do not provide much shine.
  • Silicone polishes result in a high, glossy shine; so many of the best selling polishes include it in their ingredient blends. This attractive sleek surface provides instant gratification, but over time the silicone will build up. If you ever want to refinish your furniture, the silicone residue will prevent any new finish from properly adhering to the wooden surface.

Polishes will not prevent furniture from drying out if it is placed in dry, heated spaces. Drying can only be prevented if proper humidity levels are maintained with the use of humidifiers. Polishing neither makes furniture surface’s waterproof, nor will it protect it from damage due to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

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