Mobile Notary

Have you ever needed a document notarized -- that is, to have official proof that you signed a document? Typically this happens with loan applications, mortgage refinancing, court testimony and other official documents, but there can be other reasons that you need a notary to prove your identity.

Most notaries are available at businesses such as banks and real estate offices, but there are times when it isn't possible to go to a notary during their office hours. This has given rise to a new specialty, called "Mobile Notary," which is a travelling notary -- a person who is willing to travel to a different location, such as your house or place of business, to perform their duties.

Trained and licensed notaries are signing up to provide this service, perhaps because of the flexibility such a position provides and the ability to be a part-time or home-based notary.

If you need the services of a mobile notary, we recommend that you make sure the person is properly trained and licensed, and if they are meeting you at your home, that you use the normal precautions you would make before inviting anyone inside.

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