Paper Handling Equipment
Companies of all sizes are reaping the advantages of bringing their paper handling in-house. No longer restricted to the schedules and specifications of outside vendors, these companies are producing items on demand and enjoying the cost savings of in-house work.

Whether you are starting with output from a PC-attached printer or from high speed printers and presses, with the right equipment you can transform the output into the finished product you need:
  • statements, checks, and other items collated, stuffed, and sorted for mailing
  • advertising literature such as postcards, pamphlets, brochures, flyers, and business cards
  • bound documents such as reports and books
Paper handling equipment runs the gamut from printing to final shredding, and in most cases the machines are sold as single-purpose devices that allow you to pick and choose what you need without having to invest in unneeded functionality. Among the types of machines are cutters, edge rounders, punches, drills, joggers, shredders, and machines for signing, franking, binding, sorting, and weighing.

When picking a machine, make sure it accepts the input in the right dimensions, format (cut sheet, folded sheet, or continuous roll), and quantity and that it prepares the output at the rate you need.

Also, some products are available at traditional Office Supplies stores.

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