Private Investigators
The days of the Hollywood-style cigar smoking gum shoe with an office up a flight of stairs off an alley are fading fast. Private investigations are a growing business that calls upon the tools of our information age to help provide information on a person or their whereabouts. The three types of investigations are listed below:

Find Someone

A number of companies offer fee-based online searches for people to help you locate someone that you have lost contact with. These searches, an advanced version of a white pages search, use public information like old telephone books and property records to find an address or telephone number. In extreme cases, such as custody disputes, kidnapping, and bail jumping, investigators actively participate on your behalf to develop new leads through personal interviews and records investigations.

Find out about Someone

A "background" check can provide more information about a person and their character. Some people use these investigations to verify that a person is who they purport to be. With the growth of online dating and a growing fear of online deception, these services are being called on more frequently to validate the claims of potential mates without the "friend of a friend" connection.

Catch Someone

The most expensive type of investigation, this category includes surveillance work:

that is, "staking out" a place that person visits or "tailing" them from place to place in order to track their movements. This type of work is intended to uncover and document activities such as matrimonial infidelity, business fraud, insurance fraud, and other surreptitious behavior.

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