Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is an area with a somewhat cloudy present. The basic thinking is that highly-active people require more nutrition and a special nutritional diet to replace the nutritional components they "burn" during exercise to enhance their body strength and fitness and to keep their bodies at peak performance.

Sports players -- with their celebrity status -- have an aura toward which many of us want to gravitate, and in whose fit, firm, muscular image we wish to sculpt our own bodies. To satisfy this huge demand, many companies make 'sports nutrition' products -- everything from steroids to Gatorade -- targeted at those seeking 'sports-level' nutrition.

By name, sports nutrition is positioned at the 'high-octane' or 'high value' versions of everyday products. In that way, sports nutrition is the analog of sports medicine. That is, who wants to go to a regular doctor when one can go to a 'sports medicine' specialist?

Do they really work? Well, the logic makes sense....if you engage in high levels of activities, you should be burning up more of something in your body, and that something needs to be replaced. But how much of that replacement happens naturally within our bodies and how much has to be catered to with specialty products?

We simply don't know. But we do urge that you check with your physician or other related health professionals before undertaking or choosing not to undertake any course of action and recommend that you always follow the advice and recommendations of your health practitioner.

Written October 30, 2003 - go to our home or commerce page