Telephone Sites: No Winner Selected
. Please note: the 2002 river2u "1st in Class" award winner for Telephone Sites has not yet been awarded. Below is our review as of July 2002 of our favorite companies in this category.

Who Type Comments Comparison Site Leading comparison shopping site for wireless, internet and communication services. US Local & Long Distance 4.5 cents /minute Unlimited Long Distance Calling Cards & Long Distance Variety of offerings for most countries worldwide Calling Cards & Long Distance FREE long distance. Free long distance calling card just for registering. Earn additional minutes by buying through their web site. US Local & Long Distance Talk America offers 3.9 cents per minute long distance with NO MONTHLY FEES and competitive LOCAL phone savings including FREE Member-to-Member LONG DISTANCE

The US telecommunications market is very competitive. When choosing a carrier, consider who you call when, how often, and for how long. Some companies compute the charge in increments of 6 seconds, which can save you money if your call happens to run a few seconds into the next minute. Other companies have minimum or fixed monthly charges.

Because of the competitive nature of the market, verify all prices before signing up to make sure you are getting the best deal for your money.

Above, we have listed some of our favorites.

Written July 19, 2002 - go to our home or commerce page