Web Site Hosting: No Winner Selected
Please note: the 2003 river2u "1st in Class" award winner for Web Site Hosting has not yet been awarded. Below is our review (updated in July 2003) of our favorite companies in this category.

So you want to have your own web site? Just the thought of your own real www.address on the web is enough to send adrenaline shooting through your blood veins.

But where? Who has the best deal? That all depends on what you need. We looked at a number of companies offering entry-level web site hosting and were pleasantly surpised at how cheap yet functionally rich the offerings are.

Here's our snapshot comparison of some of the entry packages -- be sure to check each company more thoroughly and confirm the details of their offer before signing up. With the ever-declining price of hardware and telecommunications, web hosting offers are highly competitive and seem to improve frequently.

Psst: the inside scoop is that "Jumpline" is leading the pack to get the "1st in Class" award because of its Virtual Domain software.

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Who Cost/Mo. Disk Data Tfr Tools Other
EarthLink.net $19.95 200 MB 10 GB/Mo Yes Free setup. Free domain registration --- that saves you $20-40
HostRocket.Com $9.95 1000 MB 50 GB/Mo Some
iPowerWeb.com $7.95 500 MB 30 GB/Mo Yes Free setup. Free domain registration --- that saves you $20-40
Jumpline $14.95 500 MB 10 GB/Mo Yes Uses a "virtual domain" technology to allow you to host up to 6 domains.
PowWeb.com $7.77 650 MB 45 GB/Mo Yes
Register.com $19.95 200 MB 10 GB/Mo Some Free domain registration
WRC-uk.com $7.50 25 MB 2.5 GB/Mo Some

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