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Bathroom Aids

To help make the bathroom a safer and more convenient place to use for seniors and those with a physical limitation, here are some easily installed items that do not need costly and/or lengthy construction:

  • Shower stool/chair - a free standing stool with or without a back to sit on while showering
  • Raised toilet seat - a higher seat for easier lowering and raising
  • Hand held shower - a hand held shower head to use without having to turn around in order to clean all sides of yourself or to shower while seated
  • Toilet safety bars - a framework of grab bars around the toilet used with or without a raised toilet seat for easier lowering and raising
  • Wall grab bars - used in showers and tubs to assist entering and leaving and to help prevent falls
  • Tub grab bars-bars mounted on the tub to assist entering and leaving
  • Night light - to provide a constant low level lighting aid either as a separate plug in unit or light switch unit with a dimming switch option
  • Rocker panel on/off switches for convenient use of light switches
  • Solar tube lighting that lets in natural light for a brighter and better lit room
  • Lever handles on faucets for easier turning on and off
  • Anti-slip strips on the bathtub bottom to prevent falls
  • Wall mounted soap and lotion dispensers for showering or tub bathing
  • A bathtub caddy that goes across the tub to store bathing essentials within easy reach
  • Free standing or wall mounted towel racks with swinging bars for easier hanging of towels
  • Heated towel racks to provide warm and soothing towels for drying

Lastly, a walk-in tub, while more expensive and requires more construction than those items above, provides the most convenience, ease and safety and affords many the independence to provide for their own personal hygiene without assistance.

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