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Chair Lifts

Chair lifts raise and lower under power to assist in standing up or sitting down. They generally move in an arc that mimics the motion of your body when changing from a standing to seated position and can do wonders to take the stress off of legs, knees, and backs when getting in and out of chairs.

What should you look for when buying a chair lift?

  • Size and capacity - People come in different sizes and so do chair lifts so that you can get that "just right" fit. Check that the width and rated weight of the chair will accommodate your size.
  • Comfort - Lift chairs are, after all, chairs. Find one with the padding, arms, and width that will allow you to sit in it and enjoy it. Look at the number of reclining positions so that you can get the position that is right for you.
  • Battery backup - Lift chars are electrically powered. In the event of a power failure, a battery backup for its motor will allow you to continue to use it.
  • Style - Lift chairs are piece of furniture no less important than any other in your home. Pick casual or formal, chair or recliner, fabric or leather, and the color that matches

    your decor or makes the fashion statement that suites you.
  • Extras - Many lift chairs offer a full range of extra features like heat, massage, adjustable support for head and lumbar, and footrests

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