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Elder Living

With all of the advances in medical science and the improvements in food, clothing, and housing, people today live much longer and enjoy much more time in what used to be called the declining years. This increased time has allowed for a wide array of options for meeting the needs of elder care at each stage of life whether for yourself or your parents.

  • Nursing Homes provide full-time staffing and assistance to elderly patients much like a hospital but in a setting more like a hotel. They care for those otherwise unable to care for themselves.
  • Assisted Living centers may be small group homes or larger apartment buildings that retain around the clock staff to monitor medical regiments and handle the labor intensive duties of laundry, cleaning, and meal preparation. Most centers have dining halls, community social activities, and regular, group excursions to stores and entertainment.
  • Home Care Providers visit the elderly in their own homes and take care of regular household tasks of cleaning, cooking, and laundry or just plain provide companionship. Visiting nurses and certified medical providers can monitor health and administer medications.
  • Retirement Communities are housing developments populated by people generally 55 and older. Often the houses have features of benefit to older residents like lever door handles, single level floor plans, rockerpanel light switches, and indoor activated lights visible from the front street that signal a need for help. They generally have community centers that cater to the interests of retired couples and sport facilities like swimming pools and golf courses.
  • Medical Alarms can be added to any home to monitor the well being of its inhabitants and provide immediate medical, fire, and police response

    in case of emergencies. They provide many of the advantages of continuous care without the cost of full-time attendants and without interfering with independence.

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