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Medical Alarms

When elderly people live alone, a medical alarm can provide peace of mind for the user and their family. In the event of a fall, sickness or other emergency, an elderly person can use a pendant button around their neck to summon help.

The leading medical alarms have simple, easy-to-install base units that sit on a bedside table and plug into the phone line. When an emergency occurs, the elderly person presses the button on the pendant from anywhere in the house and a wireless signal similar to a TV remote opener activates the alarm base unit. The base unit automatically dials the medical alarm company and sends along an ID code that identifies the person and where they live.

A loud, clear speaker on the base unit operates like a speaker phone and can be heard throughout the house as the representative from the alarm company attempts to make contact and ascertain the problem. The speakerphone is very sensitive, allowing the alarm representative to hear an injured person even if they are in another room. Based on their findings, the alarm company notifies family, police, fire or ambulance and stays on the line until help arrives.

Features to consider when shopping for a medical alarm include:

  • The alarm base unit should have a battery backup in the event of a power failure.
  • An emergency button on the base unit to allow activation in case the remote pendant doesn't work.
  • A large test button to verify easily that the unit is operating.
  • A flashing light that is set off simultaneously with the alarm to help direct emergency personnel to the right house as well as alert a passerby to trouble in the event that the phone line is out.

  • A check-in service, where the alarm company calls on a daily basis. This both tests the unit and provides a daily check. In the event no response is heard, the alarm company notifies family or emergency services.

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