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Raised Toilet Seats

Some people, particularly the elderly and those in wheelchairs or using walkers, have difficulty using a conventional toilet because the seat is too low. For them, it is difficult, if not impossible, and often unsafe for them to lower themselves alone even with the use of grab bars. Commodes are an expensive alternative.

Raised toilet seats are an inexpensive solution to this problem. Depending on the model, the raised toilet seat unit may fasten to or replace the existing seats. Here are some features to consider:

  • Height - most seats are designed to raise the elevation of the seat and lid a fixed distance, usually 3.5 to 6 inches, but others are available to raise the seat even higher. Some models offer adjustable heights.
  • Capacity - most are designed to accommodate up to 250 lbs, but some models will hold 300 lbs or more. If you are looking for a high capacity seat, be sure to check the rating and condition of your toilet to make sure the ceramic bowl won't crack under the weight.
  • Arms/grab bars - some models include attached arms. These arms can be very helpful in steadying yourself

    as you get on and off the seat. If you choose a raised toilet seat with arms, make sure the width of the arms is appropriate to your needs.

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