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Prescriptions by Mail

More and more people are turning to ordering their prescriptions through the mail. In some cases, insurance companies require their customers to use mail order suppliers for any ongoing medicines; in other cases, they just offer greater savings than buying from the local pharmacy.

Once your prescription is filed with the mail order pharmacy, they generally will ship two months of supply at a time and will continue to ship the medicine until the end of the prescription. If you have multiple prescriptions, they may try to ship the prescriptions together.

In addition to the cost savings, mail order pharmacies provide the convenience of not having to worrying about refilling prescriptions before they run out, and they deliver directly to your mailbox to save you the need to travel to the pharmacy. If you have questions about your order or the medicine, you can reach a customer service person by phone.

Two drawbacks are the lack of face to face contact that you have with a local pharmacist,

and the fact that at some times of the year, your medicine will ship during harsh weather (both high heat and deep colds). In the latter case, be sure to retrieve your prescriptions quickly if you have an outdoor mailbox.

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