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For those who are having a little trouble walking but want to maintain a fully active lifestyle, there are a number of mobility aids. Perhaps the simplest and easiest to use is a walker.

To pick the right walker, consider:

  • Straight-legged or wheeled. Standard walkers have four legs with rubber tips that are steady, but can drag when moved. Some types have two front wheels so that they move easily when tipped slightly, but are steady when weight pushes that back two legs down into contact with the ground. Wheeled models have either three or four wheels with hand brakes to release the wheels for motion.
  • Size and capacity. Match the height of the walker to the stature and arm length of the user. Make sure the walker will support the full weight of the person.
  • Carrying options. Walkers can have front mounted pouches or detachable wire baskets; some wheeled walkers have permanent wire baskets and resemble small shopping carts.

  • Folding size and weight. The lighter the walker, the easier it is to move around. Its collapsed size and weight are also important for storage or transport, whether by car or on a plane trip.

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