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When taking prescription medicines, you should always follow directions as to dosage amount, timing, whether the medicine is to be taken on a full or empty stomach, and whether the tablet or capsule can be chewed or must be swallowed whole.

it is also important that you keep aware of three groups of warnings:

Side Effects

Often times, prescription drugs cause mild side effects. Be aware of the potential side effects and inform your doctor immediately of any severe side effects or side effects that the manufacturer has indicated could be symptoms of a serious problem.


Many drugs do not work well, work more, or have harmful consequences if they are taken with other drugs. Make sure your doctor and pharmacist are aware of the other medicines you are taking to make sure there are no known interactions.


Despite the manufacturer's testing and FDA reviews, occasionally a drug will be recalled

or its use significantly altered because of new information, such as greater usage experience. Recent examples, such as with Vioxx, remind us of the need to be aware that medicine is still an art, not a science. In the event that a drug you are taken is recalled, consult with your doctor as to what actions you should take.

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