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Electronic Components

Buying individual electronic components is, surprisingly, more difficult in the modern age of electronics than it was in the past. The main reason is that most electronic units (radios, TV's, computers, etc.) are bought pre-assembled and, if they fail, are either discarded or an entire circuit board is swapped out. The soldering of resistors and capacitors is left mostly to the inventors, hobbyists, and students.

Nonetheless, a wide selection of high quality components can be purchased by phone or online and delivered to your door in a few days. The array of choices is vast, which makes it easy to find most any component you need. And while individual components can often be purchased in single or small quantities very inexpensively, the shipping and handling at some sellers can be proportionally surprising; so, if you are looking for just a few components, start with a company's shipping and handling charges before comparing piece prices.

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