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Books on Beer

You will enhance your enjoyment of beer by learning more about it. The main topics of interest include:
  1. The history of beer making around the world
  2. The process of beer making
  3. The many styles of beer within the broad categories of ales and lagers
  4. The major national "schools," such as: British/Irish, German/Czech, and Belgian
  5. Comprehensive reviews of beers, brewpubs, bars, and/or beer retailers
  6. The art and science of home brewing
  7. Books of recipes for home brewers
  8. The pairing of beer and food
Many books cover several of these categories, in varying degrees of detail. Books devoted to topics 1 through 4 typically, by way of illustration, suggest several products as outstanding examples of a given style (e.g., Irish Dry Stout, English Bitter, Bavarian Wheat Beer, Czech Pilsener, Scotch Ale, Belgian

Trappist Ale, etc.). Meanwhile, books on topic 6 inevitably carry some recipes (topic 7). For that matter, such recipes often try to reproduce the look and taste of popular commercial brews.

See our Reading Guide for suggested books to consider.

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