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No longer is it necessary to buy expensive containers of coffee at a coffee house. With the right equipment, you can brew those delicious blends and European styles of coffee in the comfort and convenience of your own kitchen. Coffee beans and coffee making products are available in good grocery stores, at specialty stores, through catalogs, and online. The followings tips should help you whip up the perfect cup:

  • Roasting determines the flavor of the coffee. Milder, lighter coffees are the result of brief roasting, while longer roasting produces stronger flavor. The best coffee is made from recently roasted and ground coffee beans brewed in steaming hot, not boiling, water. Use filtered water for even better results.
  • Store coffee beans in a tightly sealed container at room temperature. Brew the coffee about four minutes. After six minutes the coffee will start to become acidic.
  • Café au lait is one part brewed coffee mixed with one to two parts warmed milk. The milk should be heated until it is steaming and foamy. It is typically served at breakfast in large cups.
  • Espresso is made by forcing hot water through finely ground, darkly roasted beans. Because of its intensity, it is usually served in a very small cup. When a spoonful of hot frothed milk is add to espresso, it is called macchiato. Espresso is often served after a meal.
  • Cappuccino is equal parts of espresso and warm frothy milk. The milk is added to the espresso, and some is also spooned on top. Cappuccino is a morning drink.
  • Caffe latte is one part espresso and two parts warmed milk, with more frothy milk added on top. It is usually served in a tall container and is a favorite breakfast drink for all ages.

You will have more success frothing milk if you use cold milk. Skim milk froths better than whole or 2% milk.

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